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Located in Michigan and Alabama

Michigan Office: 231.587.0054
Alabama Office: 256.586.0126

- Belts

- Brushes, Rollers
- Paint Items

- Coatings - Pipe

- Chemicals
- Degreaser

- Engines

- Fittings

- Carbon Steel

- Fittings - Cast Galvanized - Malleable

- Fittings - Poly

- Fittings - Stainless

- Flanges
- Carbon Steel

- Floor Coatings

- Gaskets
- Non Asbestos
- Spiral Wound

- Gauges

- Hose &
- Connections

- Insulation - Pipe

- Nipples

- Liquid Level Gages
- and Valves

- Lubricants

- O-Lets-Weld & Thd

- Paint - Industrial

- Pipe - Carbon Steel

- Pipe - Fiberglass

- Pipe -
- Stainless Steel

- Plugs - Bull

- Rags, Hand Towels

- Regulators

- Safety Equipment

- Sorbent Products

- Sucker
- Rod Cushions

- Swivel Joints

- Stuffing Boxes

- Stud Bolts

- Thread Sealants

- Unions

- Valves -
- Back Pressure

- Valves - Ball -
- Flanged

- Valves - Threaded
- Bronze, CS & SST

- Valves - Butterfly

- Valves - Check

- Valves - Gate

- Valves - Globe

- Valves - Needle

- Valves - Plug

- Valves - Poly

- Valves -
- Safety & Regulating

- Valves -
- Lube & Sealants

- Well Heads

- Wrapper - Pipe

- Wire Rope

- Plugs

Our Product Line Oil / Gas Products Rig / Drilling & Service Industrial Industries

Our Product Line

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Vendor Reference: DAYCO, Carlisle, Midwest Hose & Specialty, Inc.

Brushes, Rollers, Paint Pans, Etc.
Vendor Reference: Marcus Brush Company, E & W Manufacturing

Coatings - Pipe
Vendor Reference: Royston / Roskote

Chemicals - Degreaser
Vendor Reference: Rust-Oleum


Fittings - Carbon Steel
Vendor Reference: Anvil International & Bonney Forge, WESTBROOK

Fittings - Cast Galvanized Malleable
Vendor Reference: Anvil International & Ward Manufacturing, WESTBROOK, Matco Norca

Fittings - Poly
Vendor Reference: Central Plastics, Integrity Fusion, Poly

Fittings - Stainless
Vendor Reference: Anvil International, Parker, WESTBROOK, Tachen

Flanges - Carbon Steel
Vendor Reference: Machine Specialty & Manufacturing, KERKAU MANUFACTURING, Alied Fittings

Floor Coatings
Vendor Reference: Rust-Oleum, Polyurathanes, Epoxys

Gaskets - Non Asbestos Spiral Wound
Vendor Reference: Flange Protection, Garlock, Stevens Gaskets, Lone Star Sealing

Vendor Reference: Taylor, Wika, J-HAWK, UCI

Hose & Connections
Vendor Reference: DAYCO, Carlisle, CampBell, Midwest Hose & Specialty, Inc., Jason Industrial

Insulation - Pipe
Vendor Reference: Techlight, Reflectix

Vendor Reference: Anvil, Machine Specialty, Quality Pipe Products, WESTBROOK, Matco Norca

Liquid Level Gages and Valves
Vendor Reference: Penberthy

Vendor Reference: Jet Lube, BESTOLIFE

O-Lets-Weld & Thd
Vendor Reference: Anvil, Bonney Forge, WFI, Welding Outlets, Inc.

Paint - Industrial
Vendor Reference: Rust-Oleum, Coronado, Seymour of Sycamore

Pipe - Carbon Steel
Vendor Reference: Texas Pipe, Quaility Pipe

Pipe - Fiberglass
Vendor Reference: Star

Pipe - Stainless Steel
Vendor Reference: Damascus, Tachen

Plugs - Bull
Vendor Reference: Anvil International, WESTBROOK

Rags, Hand Towels
Vendor Reference: Anchor Wipers, Kimberly Clark

Vendor Reference: MALLARD, Meco, FISHER

Safety Equipment
Vendor Reference: Trinity Safety Supply, LAB SAFETY SUPPLY

Sorbent Products
Vendor Reference: Ergon Products, New Pig Products, SPILLTECH, NPS Spilfyter*

Sucker Rod Cushions
Vendor Reference: Tecs Pak, Miner ElastomerProducts

Swivel Joints
Vendor Reference: Best, SPM, C & C American Block

Stuffing Boxes
Vendor Reference: Whittle & Neher, R & M Energy

Stud Bolts
Vendor Reference: H&K Machine Specialty & Manufacturing, Lone Star Fasteners

Thread Sealants
Vendor Reference: Gasolia, Federal Process Corporation, BESTOLIFE Tools, Pipe Wrenches, Vises, Etc. Vendor Reference: Rigid Tool, Crescent, Cooper Hand Tools

Vendor Reference: Anvil, C & C Kemper, Ward Manufacturing SPM, Bonney Forge, Westbrook

Valves - Back Pressure
Vendor Reference: Huber, Taylor, Wellmark

Valves - Ball - Flanged
Vendor Reference: Cooper Cameron, Demco, Flow Control, Huber, North American Nutron, WKM, VINTROL INC., Force, A.O.P., Ind., QUADRANT

Vendor Reference: Anvil Huber QT, Jomar, Legend, J-HAWK, A.O.P. Ind., DEMCO, WKM, QUADRANT, VINTROL INC., C&C, Matco Norca, Marpac

Valves - Butterfly
Vendor Reference: ABZ, Demco, Huber, Quadrant, WKM, SSI, MILWAUKEE, HAMMOND, KF, C&C, Matco Norca, Vintrol

Valves - Check
Vendor Reference: North American Nutron, Tulsa, Texsteam, Taylor Whittle & Neher, Wheatley, C&C, Vintrol, Fluid Mechanics Inline, A.O.P. Ind.

Valves - Gate
Vendor Reference: Demco, North American Nutron, A.O.P, Ind., BONNEY, CROWN, Vintrol, Smith Davis

Valves - Globe
Vendor Reference: North American Nutron, Tachen

Valves - Needle
Vendor Reference: Magnum, Taylor, J-HAWK, Vintrol, Inc., C & C Anderson Greenwood

Valves - Plug
Vendor Reference: Huber, Resun, SPM, Texsteam, Wheatley, Bulldog Specialties

Valves - Poly
Vendor Reference: Banjo, Jomar, Legend

Valves - Safety & Regulating
Vendor Reference: Huber, Hydroseal, Taylor, Fluid Mechanics

Valves - Lube & Sealants
Vendor Reference: Val-Tex

Well Heads
Vendor Reference: R & M ENERGY, HERCULES, Well Head Systems

Wrapper - Pipe
Vendor Reference: Central Plastics

Wire Rope
Vendor Reference: WRCA and Assemblys

Miscellaneous Products

Cavins Oil Well Tool
Tubing & casing Spiders, Web Wilson Hooks and Parts, Rod Elevators, Rod Hooks, Depthometers

Valves, Needle Valves, and Gauges

Diamond Chain Company
Cottered Roller Chain, Offset Links and Connecting

Oil Absorbent Products and Soap Sticks

Check Valves and Chemical Injection Pumps

Frank Roberts and Sons
Pit Liners, Silt Fence and Road Fabric

Gates Rubber Company
General Purpose Hose, V-Belts and Power Bands, Sheaves and Bushings

Gill Service, Inc.
Foster Cathead and Parts, Foster Kelly Spir ner and Parts, Foster Power Tongs and Parts, BJ Power Tongs and Parts

Handling Tools and Parts
Safety Clamps, Elevators, Slips, Dies and Inserts

Hanna-Wichita Tool and Supply Co.
Reconditioned Rotary Tongs, Slips and Rotary Table Master Bushings, Elevators

Lewis Oilfield
Brake Blocks, Full and Belts Safety Harnesses

Marsh Bellofram
Big Joe and Regulators Pressure Gauges, Pressure Regulators, Mesco Style Regulators, Needle Valves

Duplex and Triplex Fluid Ends Pulsation Dampeners, Brake Rims and Parts

Midwest Hose and Specialty, Inc.
Rotary, Vibrator, Suction and other Oilfield Hose

Reciprocating Plunger Pumps and Parts, Circulating and Centrifugal Pumps and Parts

Oil Country
Power Tongs and Parts and Complete Line of Tools

Oil States/Regal
Swap Cups, Swabs, Oil Saver Rubbers, Stripper Rubbers, Pipe Wiper Rubbers, Rod Guides, Drill Pipe Protectors

Oteco Inc.
Valves, Seat, Springs and Inserts, Pump Liners and Piston Rods, Gate Valve and Parts, Mud Gauges, Tong Pull Back Rubbers

Screwed, Flanged and Trunion Balls Valves, Carbon Steel Valves

Piper Oilfield Products
High Pressure Ball Valves, Pipelibne Ball Valves, Regan BOPs and BOP Rubbers

Air Control Valves

Sidewinder Pumps, Inc.
Chemical Injection Pumps

Snelson Oilfield lighting
Rig Lighting Fixtures, Connectors and Juction Boxes

Southwest Oilfield Products
Valves, Seats, Srpings and Incerts, Pump Liners, Piston Rods, Fluid Ends, Quick-Change valve, Covers and Mudules

Swabbing Equipment
Swab Cubs and Swabs, Oilsavers and Pumps, Spiders, Inserts, Slip Bodies, Rope Sockets, Repair Oil Saversand Pumps

Texas Products
SwabCups and Swabs, Olisaver Rubbers, Stripper Rubbers, Tubing Spiders, Inserts, Rope Sockets, Tubing Strippers, Tubing BOPs

The Crosby GHroup
Binders, Tailchains, Tubing Block

Tulsa Valve
Check, Casing, Pig Valves

Walker-Neer Manufacturing Co. Inc.
250-40 Rigs and Parts

Hydraulic Hose, 1/4" thru 2" /2 and 4 Wire All Fittings and Accessories, Hose Assemblies Made-To-Order

Wellhead Systems, Inc.
Casing Heads and Tubing Heads, Pumping Tee -Stuffing Box, Polish Pod Clamps

Westco Int.
Spiders, Power Tongs and Power Rod Tongs

Miscellaneous Drilling Equipment
Rotating Heads, BOPsd and Parts, Hook and Rotary Table Parts, Rotary Swivels and Parts, Ropller Chain, Airhead Rubbers, Manilla Rope, B&B Rotary Drilling Line and Winch Line, Gorman Rupp Water Pumps and Parts, Wisconsin Engine Parts, Clutch Parts and Air Moters, Lebus Load Binders and Transport Chain, Washpipe and Packing

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